Hampton Wooden Coat Stand // Black

Hampton Wooden Coat Stand // Black

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The Hampton Coat Stand is strikingly elegant and beautifully designed - there's plenty of space for coats, hats, scarves and umbrellas.

Featuring eight generously sized arms, the top four hooks are widest to avoid crumpling the items stored below.

Both functional and practical, this freestanding piece is perfectly placed in any hallway, entrance, office, bedroom or cloakroom. The stand brings a touch of Scandinavian influence with its simple lines - a super, stylish way to maximise your space.

Features a middle join for easy transportation when moving, also making it ideal for those wanting to exhibit items at craft shows.


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  • Requires self-assembly 

  • Material: MDF

  • Width at base: 62cm // Width at top: 41cm // Height: 176.5cm // Legs: 45cm // Top four arms: 24cm // Lower four arms: 11cm

  • Net Weight: 4kg

  • Brand: Elegant Brands