Sleep is critical for our well-being and your bedroom should be an environment that encourages slumber. It goes without saying that a serene space is easier to fall asleep in when compared to a cluttered, hectic one. However, if you're stuck with getting started and need some decluttering tactics, here is Interior White's expert advice to get you going.

The Plan

To successfully declutter your boudoir, you’ll need to develop a plan of action for the space – think about exactly how you’d like the room to function under idyllic circumstances. 

Most people will list relaxation, sleep, self-sprucing and hanky-panky as the primary intentions for their bedroom. Therefore, the focus of the room should be on supporting those activities, as should the items that live there – anything that doesn’t offer assistance needs to find a new home. 

Your next step is to decide what – if any – other functions the room will be required to serve beyond the expected boundaries. Is there no other space in the house for workout equipment or your home office?  If so, don't despair – just look for ways to downplay those elements in the room. Try to contain such equipment to one corner or section of the room, rather than allowing it to take over entirely. 

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The Purge

The next step towards achieving the serene bedroom retreat you yearn for is to purge. Purging is mandatory for every Don/Doña of decluttering – the more stuff you can identify as being unneeded or out-of-place, the more space you will free up. 

Be sure to gather supplies pre-purge. You’ll need three boxes, bins or baskets: one for donatable items, one for trashables and a third for that which does not belong in your chambers. 

Before tackling the wardrobes and cabinets, start by purging the bed, floor and all other surfaces in the room. Place items that don’t correspond with the room’s functions in the box for misplaced items – be sure to find these items a new home elsewhere or return them to their proper place. While purging, you'll also find yourself identifying items you’re ready to part with – place these in the donation box/bin/basket if they are still of use, or in the trash if it's time to say 'adios'. 

Now you’re ready to move on to the furniture. Sort through the wardrobes, bedside tables, cabinets and so forth, all the while following the same guidelines used above. 

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The Specifics

Bedside Table – The last place one needs clutter is beside your weary, sleeping head. The surfaces of your nightstand should be dusted and decorated only with the items you use and need (for instance, an alarm clock or lamp) and a couple of adornments that you love. Be ruthless – go through the drawers and rid yourself of anything that you do not need, love or access at night.

Wardrobes and Chest of Drawers – Liberating all those unworn and unloved clothes and accessories can be more than a little overwhelming. However, in time, it will be so much easier to dress your best if your closet is filled only with attire that you actually love – and that fits! We recommend taking everything out of the wardrobe/chest of drawers before you begin. However, if this is difficult, start by addressing only one type of clothing (for example, shirts or trousers) and working your way from there. To successfully purge, try on all your clothes and keep only those items that actually fit and flatter your shape. Ensure that you have outfits that you can wear – a trendy shirt a lack of bottoms to go with it is not much use, darling.

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Sock and Underwear Drawer – Empty out your unmentionables drawer and go through every item before placing it back in the drawer. Obviously, toss anything that has holes or is too worn and look for socks that have lost their better half. For the items that remain, ensure that they all fit (try it on if you haven’t worn it for a while), that they are items you need and that they flatter your body – if not, say bye-bye!

Books/Magazines – If you are akin to the team here at Interior White and like to read in bed, you will likely have a pile of books and magazines stored up in your room. We have gotten into the habit of flicking through the magazines, tearing out any pages that can be used as inspiration for future project ideas and pinning them to our respective corkboards (old–school Pinterest) – then, that mag goes straight in the recycling. However, it's not difficult for one's quarters to become the setting for an Invasion of the Hardbacks. To fight any impromptu dust-gathering, floor-based libraries, determine what space you actually have to store your books – either in your bedroom or elsewhere in the house – and sift through the collection, prioritising what you want to keep and what can be donated.

Bed Linen – One top tip to combat extra bedding storage is to invest in a chest the sits at the end of your bed – one large enough to fit what you need, but small enough to prevent the duvet collection from expanding beyond all control. Be sure to donate any linens that are no longer in use and send anything that's past its prime to a local animal shelter – they can always do with extras!

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