If your default feeling is to be overwhelmed by the range of items you need to store in your home's gathering spot, fear not - books, technology and toys can be cleverly tucked away without sacrificing style. 


The crucial ingredient of an orderly den is having adequate storage, such as an eye-catching bookcase - behold our Horizon Shelving Unit for inspiration. We also love the versatility of our Sennen Ladder Shelf - while open shelving is an adaptable option for any room, as it is ideal for displaying your favourite trinkets, decorative containers can be used in conjunction to streamline the dreaded clutter. Magazine holders mask catalogues, while decorated buckets and our Happy Storage Boxes are ace for secreting office supplies.

Working double time

A small unit not only stores your sundries but it also serves as a side table to make your living room super functional - the surface can be used to showcase beautiful vases or your favourite books. Our Colour Pop Unit is perfect for this purpose and it certainly packs a visual punch!

Tame the tech

When it comes to choosing a coffee table, opt for a design with drawers or a shelf that can house your cache of remote controls. A wooden chest - such as our ever-popular Seaton - can be used to store DVDs or other media storage, but it can also double as extra seating for your family movie nights or the next nationally disheartening sporting event...

How to work with children and animals

Pick a spot in your living space for our Soft Canvas Storage bins that will help store child and pet clutter in a fuss-free manner. A good habit for them to get into is to use the bins to store their toys, school art and awards - at the end of the school year, sit down together and purge the previous years' contributions (and by 'them' we mean children, not pets - if your pet adheres to all of the above, you have a four-legged money-maker on your hands).

Overall, remember that small habits can make a big difference when it comes to having a calm, uncluttered space. Who has the energy and/or focus to spend eight hours organising? It's much better to spend a small amount of time on one project or space to save any sense of frustration or boredom when working towards what should be a rewarding task. 

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