The period between Christmas and New Year's Day is the calm after the storm for many, so it's the perfect time to go through your belongings and declutter. Between donating old food cupboard items and ever so slightly worn clothes, recycling gift boxes and catalogues, and tossing out dribbles of alcohol and food leftovers, there's plenty to clear out so your abode is prepped for 2019—and it might help you to keep your resolutions too!

1. Get your coat...

If you haven't worn them all season and can't anticipate yourself doing so in the next few months, it's time to let it go—round up your old jackets (and scarves and gloves) and donate them to a charity clothing bank (such as The Salvation Army) so that people in need can get some use out of them.

2. These boots were made for donating

See number 1—just like your coats, if you haven't worn a pair of shoes all year (or they're too beat up to wear anymore, but you for some unconscious reason held on to them) it's time to toss. Evict any footwear that has seen better days, and donate the ones that are still presentable.

3. The Trite Sniffs of Leftovers

After throwing and/or attending a mass of holiday dinners and parties this season, you're sure to be stuck with leftovers that won't get eaten and even some that have probably already gone bad—take advantage of the lull after Christmas to clean out your fridge, so the kitchen can start the New Year smelling fresh.

4. Pardon my pantry

Now is a great time to go through your pantry items and pull out everything you don't use—if things are expired, toss them, but if they're still good, donate them to your local food bank (you can find a food bank near you at The Trussell Trust).

5. Un-Boxing Day

You don't need to save the boxes from every gift you received this year—ensure you go through and save the ones you do need and get any important parts or papers from them, then recycle the rest so they don't take up unnecessary space in your home.

6. Old catalogues and magazines

As soon as the festive season arrives, so do a ton of catalogues and special-offer leaflets, and they can pile up before you know what's happened. Obviously, keep any magazines you still want to read, but recycle the ones you've already read or don't intend on reading.

7. Expired beauty products

Holding on to old makeup is something many of us are guilty of, but wearing products that are too old or expired can be really bad for your skin. So, while in a post-holiday cleaning mode, take the time to go through your beauty products. Here is a handy checklist from RealSimple to help you determine what's still good and what needs to be gone!

8. Christmas cards

The sentimental part of us hates to say this, but the declutterers that rein know it's true—there's no reason to hold on to all of the Christmas cards you receive every year. Just save ones that are particularly special to you (and make sure you have a specific space to put them) and recycle the rest.

9. Old kid toys

If you have children, post-Christmas is a great time to donate their old unused toys, since there is most likely some new ones on the scene. Your kids won't miss them and will emphasise how happy they will make another child if the pout comes out.

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