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Clutter can significantly influence the way you work - if you're too disorganised, everything competes for your attention and concentrating on the task at hand can become Mission: Impossible. Perhaps, most importantly, this chaotic attitude can influence people's perceptions of your professionalism. To stop your co-workers believing that your favourite thing about your job is the spinning desk chair, Interior White would like to offer you our top tips for decluttering your workspace - be that in your abode or out in the big wide world.

The Mess Gang

Children's bedrooms are multi-tasking hero spaces: sleeping area, playroom, private den, study and storage space for clothes and toys - no wonder they end up out of control. Interior White brings you our tried-and-tested tips for decluttering such a challenging area, offering advice for teaching children how to keep their room tidy and become the declutterers of the future.

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