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Children spending too much time indoors? Inspire them to grow up, up and away with a giant sunflower race!

Did you know that the tallest sunflower ever grown reached a whopping 8.23 metres? That’s a staggering 27ft to you and me! Can’t top that? Well, the good news is that with a sunny spot, a packet of seeds and minimal equipment you can inspire children to grow their own giants – even if they aren’t record breakers.

Design Trend 2017 - Copper

Interior Design Trends of 2017: The Copper Trend is here - bringing elegance and warmth to the home. Despite their tough exteriors, polished coppers and hammered brass, with their textures, colours and the reflective metallic, immediately bring the sunshine in with their warm glow and adding striking on trend design to any room. Take a peek at our Barefoot Cooper Table Lamp and Sleek Minimal Wall Clock which we think are simply stunning! Click here on title for link!............

We ❤️ Furniture

Whether you’re dating, married or single, the 14th February can bring about feelings of nervousness, excitement or a roll-your-eyes attitude. Regardless of how it makes you feel, Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it can be a great excuse to share your love with someone special - be that a friend or a loved one - or to treat yourself.

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