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Hell's Kitchen

If you live in a teeny flat, caravan or small home, there’s a high chance you have an itty, bitty kitchen. However, even some larger apartments and houses also present an organising challenge when it comes to the heart of the home. In Chapter Three of Interior White's decluttering handbook, we advise on how to pare down your cooking clutter to the essentials.


Clutter can significantly influence the way you work - if you're too disorganised, everything competes for your attention and concentrating on the task at hand can become Mission: Impossible. Perhaps, most importantly, this chaotic attitude can influence people's perceptions of your professionalism. To stop your co-workers believing that your favourite thing about your job is the spinning desk chair, Interior White would like to offer you our top tips for decluttering your workspace - be that in your abode or out in the big wide world.

The Mess Gang

Children's bedrooms are multi-tasking hero spaces: sleeping area, playroom, private den, study and storage space for clothes and toys - no wonder they end up out of control. Interior White brings you our tried-and-tested tips for decluttering such a challenging area, offering advice for teaching children how to keep their room tidy and become the declutterers of the future.

Deck-lutter the Halls

The period between Christmas and New Year's Day is the calm after the storm for many, so it's the perfect time to go through your belongings and declutter. Between donating old food cupboard items and ever so slightly worn clothes, recycling gift boxes and catalogues, and tossing out dribbles of alcohol and food leftovers, there's plenty to clear out so your abode is prepped for 2019—and it might help you to keep your resolutions too!

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