Hygge or hoo gah

Hygge (pronounced Hoo gah!)

The Danish concept of Hygge means keeping life simple and experiencing it in a way that is good for the soul.  Hygge can mean sitting by a fire on a cold, crisp night, wearing a woolly jumper and sipping from a glass of mulled wine.  Candlelight is hygge.  Creating a warm, cosy atmosphere with throws and cushions is hygge.  Relaxing with friends and family over good cake and coffee is also hygge.  The rest of the world is slowly waking up to this concept and here at Interior White we are here to help create your own vision of Hygge!

How to bring Hygge into your home:

1.  Candlelight is very important to the Danes and they buy a lot of candles

2.  Good lighting with lamps is a must to create the hygge atmosphere.

3.  Snuggly throws and cushions can help to bring warmth into your home.

4.  Well presented food and drink when friends come round.

5.  Keep it all simple, to create a stress free and inviting atmosphere.

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