Children spending too much time indoors? Inspire them to grow up, up and away with a giant sunflower race!

Interior White’s brilliant Giant Sunflower Growing Kit will get things off to a flying start! It contains everything needed to plant, measure and record how the flowers grow – all in one handy tin.

To generate some green-fingered excitement why not organise a giant sunflower race? You might be surprised how children’s interest is sustained by a bit of healthy competition! Kids can have great fun in the garden preparing the ground and planting the seeds, recording whose sunflower got off to the quickest start; whose plant slowed down and finally, as summer ends, which plant won the race. 

And they’re off… to get a giant sunflower race up and running: 

  • Pick a sunny patch near a wall or fence so the flowers can be easily supported.
  • Have a packet of sunflower seeds – such as Giant Single – ready.
  • Dig over the soil removing any weeds, stones, lumps and bumps.
  • Follow the planting instructions on your seed packet and water well.
  • Wait a little while… in time thin out seedlings if necessary. Remember those sunflowers need room to grow big and strong!
  • Using chalk and tape, regularly record the height of each plant.

May is the perfect time to plant tall nasturtiums, sweet peas and good ol’ runner beans as well as giant sunflowers. Each can easily reach over 1.7 metres, giving children every chance of growing a plant that might tower over them by the end of summer. 

Feeling inspired? Take a peak at Interior White for garden fun this summer. From a traditional Skipping Rope to a bug-tastic Garden Discovery Kit we have a range of gifts that will encourage children off the sofa and into the fresh air. 

The sky’s the limit!

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